One more time… Drawing and Building

Sketches_IMG_4996 © 2011 MikaNPonk. All rights reserved.

As is customary in our working through concepts we went back to scratching on paper our ideas and formal vision. Drawing allows us to test and think through the way we could potentially construct and make our designs with the … Continue reading

Finding the right Membrane…

© 2011 MikaNPonk. All rights reserved.

On our first attempt at building the wind belt we used packing strips from home depot and whatever wood we had laying around. The packing strips were not as flexible as we had thought and didn’t move much in the … Continue reading

Hacking an Air Pump

Michell J. Cardona

Initially Nelson and I had decided to try to implement the Windbelt within the built environment but needed to understand how it worked to know how to implement it. Our first initial take of this implementation you can see here. … Continue reading