Week 02 | What is Electricity? PWM? Digital & Analog?

This week we will discuss what electricity is, what digital and analog means, what pulse width modulation(pwm) means, parallel vs. serial circuits, & Ohms Law. Plus we will continue working on our circuits from last week and start using analog inputs to vary the output.

You should walk away with an understanding of the following:

  1. How does electricity work?
  2. What is the relationship between voltage, resistance, and capacitance?
  3. How do I wire a parallel circuit? Or a circuit in series?
  4. What is serial monitor in arduino?
  5. What is pulse width modulation?
  6. How do I take analog input and output these readings?

Class Notes

Class Code and Fritzing Images:

analog pot

prepare breadboard for serial monitor with a pot

control led brightness with a pot

control led brightness with a pot

led brightness

control led brightness with a photocell

Sweet Interactions/Design/Art/Etc: